A Guide to Independent Home Visiting Healthcare Costs

Nov 27, 2022

One of the important questions service users and their relatives have when they contact Home Visit Healthcare have is around the cost.

Home Visit HealthCares’ Independent Practitioners are passionate about older adult healthcare and this type of healthcare can be complex.

Prices vary depending on the issue. For example, if your relative needs ear wax removal the price is from £65 pounds for one ear and £80 for both. This is unlikely to need to be repeated within 2 months and is a one-off payment.

If you or your relative needs more in-depth Physiotherapy and Dietitian assessment; costs start from £80 for the first assessment but further follow up maybe needed hence there will be a larger cost overall.

If you or your relative requires older adult mental health or neurology assessment for conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone Disease the costs increase, particularly when blood tests, scans and Consultant home visits are required, and we can provide you with a bespoke quote for this.

For an early diagnosis of dementia (including Full physical examination, review of past medical history, Memory tests, MRI or CT Head scanning and Blood tests costs will be approximately £1995)

Although costs may rise for the diagnosis of certain conditions, there can be a benefit from early diagnosis and management, such as earlier treatment and management and the ability to gain access to other resources. This can help with planning and management and our goal is to help you or your relative live longer and live better in their own home.

We also have an Independent Social Worker who provides care needs assessments, advice on funding issues such as the Continuing Healthcare Assessment framework and again although the costs for Independent Social Care Advice starts from £60 per hour, there can be financial benefits in the longer run from gaining advice and guidance early.

We understand cost is important and are happy to discuss your needs and concerns and signpost where appropriate if we cannot help you.

Do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your concerns further and we would be happy to explore options with you.


Dr Kirsten Protherough Founder Home Visit Healthcare



Dr. Kirsten Protherough BSc. Biochem (hons), MBchB, DGM, Msc,

Dr Kirsten Protherough Dr. Kirsten Protherough BSc. Biochem (hons), MBchB, DGM, Msc,

Founder of Healthacate and Home Visit Healthcare| Geri-GP | Senior Lecturer @ University of Worcester

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