Healthacate’s Patient Empowerment 4 Stage Hospital Discharge Checklist

Jun 23, 2023

Patient Empowerment Hospital Discharge Checklist

Helping you ask the right questions on discharge

1. Health and recovery questions

What has happened to me in hospital…?

Medication changes and my medication list now…?

Who will be following me up and when…?

Do I need extra tests and investigations once discharged & who is organising these and when…?

What should I be doing on discharge to promote recovery…?

2. Safety netting advice

What should I look out for and in what time frame…?

Who I should call and their contact details…?

Teams are involved in my ongoing care once discharged…?

3. Paperwork

Has a letter detailing this information been sent to my GP and do I have a copy of it…?

Has any important paperwork been filled out while I have been in hospital about future care wishes such as a RESPECT form…?

4. Your own concerns regarding discharge

I am concerned about…

How can you help me with my concerns…?


Empowering Patients: Hospital Discharge Checklist

Dr. Kirsten Protherough BSc. Biochem (hons), MBchB, DGM, Msc,

Dr Kirsten Protherough Dr. Kirsten Protherough BSc. Biochem (hons), MBchB, DGM, Msc,

Founder of Healthacate and Home Visit Healthcare| Geri-GP | Senior Lecturer @ University of Worcester

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