Empowering Patients: Hospital Discharge Checklist

Jun 21, 2023

Importance of a Hospital Discharge Checklist===

Hospital discharge can be a stressful and confusing time for patients and their families, as they navigate the transition from hospital care to home care. Discharge instructions can be lengthy and complex, and patients may not remember everything they were told. This is where a hospital discharge checklist comes in, as it empowers patients by providing a clear and concise list of tasks to complete before leaving the hospital.

A hospital discharge checklist is a tool that can help patients take control of their own care, and ensure that they have all the information and resources they need to continue their recovery at home. By providing patients with a checklist, hospitals can reduce the risk of readmissions and improve patient outcomes, while also enhancing patient satisfaction.

Empowering Patients: What Should be Included in a Hospital Discharge Checklist

There are several key items that should be included in a hospital discharge checklist to empower patients and facilitate a smooth transition from hospital care to home care. These include:

Check Medication Changes

Patients should be provided with a list of all the medications they are taking, along with instructions on how and when to take them. This should include information on any potential side effects, interactions, or warnings, as well as a plan for refilling prescriptions.

Check Follow-up Appointments

Patients should be given a list of any follow-up appointments they need to make, along with the contact information for the providers they will be seeing. This should include any tests or procedures that need to be scheduled, as well as any special instructions for preparing for these appointments.

Check Home Care Instructions and safety netting advice

Patients should be given clear and concise instructions on how to care for themselves at home, including any exercises or physical therapy they need to do, any special dietary restrictions, and any equipment or supplies they need to have on hand. This should also include information on warning signs to watch for, and when to seek medical attention if necessary.


A hospital discharge checklist can be a powerful tool for empowering patients and improving the quality of care they receive. By providing patients with clear and concise instructions, hospitals can reduce the risk of readmissions and enhance patient outcomes, while also improving patient satisfaction. By including medication management, follow-up appointments, and home care instructions, hospitals can ensure that patients have all the information and resources they need to continue their recovery at home.

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Healthacate’s Patient Empowerment 4 Stage Hospital Discharge Checklist

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Dr. Kirsten Protherough BSc. Biochem (hons), MBchB, DGM, Msc,

Dr Kirsten Protherough Dr. Kirsten Protherough BSc. Biochem (hons), MBchB, DGM, Msc,

Founder of Healthacate and Home Visit Healthcare| Geri-GP | Senior Lecturer @ University of Worcester

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