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Book a convenient GP appointment for Comprehensive Health Assessments, Memory and Frailty Reviews, Prescriptions, Referrals , Scans and Blood tests

Welcome to Our GP Clinic At Revival Health and Wellbeing Centre, Inkberrow, Worcestershire

Seeking convenient and reliable healthcare services? Our clinic in Inkberrow, Worcestershire, offers access to essential services:

Dr Protherough’s Regular Clinic Times:
  • Monday 9am until 1pm
  • Tuesday 530pm until 830pm

Home visiting is available outside of these times.

Or an appointment at Revival can be made at other times at your request and dependent on availability.

  • Private GP Consultation: For existing customers or non-complex appointments £75 for 30 minutes
  • Dementia and Memory Assessment: includes dementia screening blood tests, MRI head referral and ECG, 60 to 90 minutes. Price: £495
  • Comprehensive Older Adult Assessment: Full physical and mental health assessment, report and recommendations follow Price: £295
  • Positive ageing assessments for men and women: Full physical and mental health assessment, report and recommendations follow Price: £295 with basic blood tests (full blood count, kidney function, liver function, cholesterol, B12 and folate, Hba1c): Price £395
  • Scan Referrals: MRI, CT scans, Ultrasound
  • Blood Tests: Quotes given prior to tests with clear pricing

Examples of Bloods we provide include: Full Blood count, Renal Function, Liver Function, Thyroid function, B12 and folate, Hormone tests, CRP, ESR, Ovarian cancer test ca125 and Prostate cancer test PSA.

  • Private Prescriptions Collectable from Local Pharmacies

Why Choose Dr Protherough?

Dr Protherough is an experienced GP, she is empathetic, understanding and will give you and your relatives the time you need.Dr Kirsten Protherough Founder, Home Visit Healthcare

Her special interests are:

Positive ageing for men and women

Examining how you can future proof your physical and mental wellbeing and this includes looking at lifestyle, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart health score.

These assessments are ideal for 40 plus age group.

For women this includes examining and addressing perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

For men this includes assessing any suggestion of testosterone deficiency and prostate related issues.

Fighting Frailty

Her comprehensive older adult assessments will result in advice and guidance on  how to live longer, living better and staying independent. As well as signposting to important local resources.

Dementia screening and diagnosis pathway

Memory assessments, blood tests, ECG and referral for further scans and diagnosis from a local Older Adult Mental Health consultant (this can be done at the clinic or in the comfort of your own home or relatives home).

Dedicated Coordinator Jessica Moule our Practice Manager:

Your single point of contact, Jessica, ensures a seamless healthcare journey.

Experience accessible healthcare tailored to your needs.

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