HR should prioritise employee well-being for those who care for ageing parents

Jun 6, 2023

Around 64% of employees identify as formal or informal caretakers for their ageing parents. Sixty-four percent of these carers said that caring responsibilities had a detrimental influence on their mental health and, as a result, their work performance.

The United Kingdom is undergoing a demographic change, with more individuals living longer lives. One in every seven persons will be above the age of 75 by 2040. As individuals get older, they become more reliant on others, which poses new issues.
HR should prioritise assisting workers who care for their ageing parents. Many of these caretakers are between the ages of 40 and 60, are in their prime working years, and have significant skills. If we do not help these caretakers, we risk losing productivity and competent people.

To learn more about this issue, see my guest blog article for HR Hero “How to Support Employees Caring for Elderly Parents – Is This the Key to Staff Retention?” by clicking the link below.

How to support staff who are caring for elderly parents (


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