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Dr. Protherough’s Rapid Capacity Assessments for Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and COP3 Documentation

Welcome to Dr. Protherough’s service for rapid capacity assessments in situations where patients may suddenly lose capacity. With years of expertise in community hospitals, Dr. Protherough and her team offer efficient and reliable assessments for various scenarios requiring Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) or COP3 documentation.

Our Services Include:

Capacity Assessments for COP3 Deputyship for Finances (COP 3 – Specific Decision):-
  • Swift assessments to determine the capacity of individuals for specific financial decisions.
  • Comprehensive documentation for COP3 Deputyship requirements.
Lasting Power of Attorney for Finances:
  • Quick and thorough assessments for individuals considering appointing an attorney for financial matters.
  • Expert guidance through the LPA process.
Capacity Assessment for Lasting Power of Attorney for Litigation:
  • Specialized evaluations for individuals requiring representation in legal matters.
  • Timely assessments to establish capacity for decision-making in litigation matters.
Capacity Assessment to Make a Gift Testamentary:
  • Assessments to determine capacity for making testamentary gifts.
    Guidance and documentation for individuals considering testamentary gifts.

Why Choose Dr. Protherough’s Team?

Experience: Dr. Protherough brings years of experience in community hospitals and teaching in frailty, ensuring a nuanced understanding of capacity assessments.

Efficiency: Our team is committed to providing rapid assessments without compromising the quality of documentation.

Comprehensive Services: We cover a range of capacity assessments tailored to specific legal requirements, including COP3 and Lasting Power of Attorney.

Expert Guidance: Dr. Protherough’s team offers expert guidance throughout the assessment process, ensuring clarity for all involved parties.

Client-Centered Approach: We prioritize the needs and preferences of our clients, recognizing the importance of individualized care.

Contact Us for Rapid Capacity Assessments:

For prompt and professional capacity assessments, contact Dr. Protherough’s team today. We understand the urgency of these matters and are dedicated to delivering timely and reliable services for Lasting Power of Attorney and COP3 documentation.

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