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"The Frailty Files" Webinar Series - Coming June 11th!

Dr Protherough bringing a series of Webinar with a focus on key issues when living with increasing frailty. Our mission is to help people live longer, live better and stay independent. Each webinar will address a key issue and provide key take home messages.

Our First Webinar is:

11th June, 7pm, Online:

Scam Awareness – learn how to protect vulnerable relatives or clients

Home Visit Healthcare has teamed up with Home Instead to provide a valuable educational session for professionals working
with vulnerable adults or who have elderly or vulnerable relatives  they want to protect.

To register for this Webinar click this link:


Dr Kirsten Protherough Founder of Home Visit Healthcare and Bill Cowley Relationships Manager of Home Instead

Boost Cognitive health: Discover 10 Evidence-Based Interventions to improve cognition

Boost Cognitive health: Discover 10 Evidence-Based Interventions to improve cognition

Promoting Cognitive Health: Evidence-Based Interventions for Aging As individuals age, maintaining cognitive health becomes increasingly essential. Research suggests that evidence-based interventions can effectively enhance cognitive abilities and delay cognitive decline. These interventions encompass various strategies, including physical exercise, cognitive training, social engagement, and a healthy diet. By incorporating these practices into daily routines, individuals can proactively support their cognitive well-being and enhance their overall quality of life.

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