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Having blocked ears severely affects housebound patients quality of life and can worsen their cognition due to inability to interact and have normal conversations with those around them.

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Ear microsuction is the gold standard method for ear wax removal when it occludes the ear canal (another term for this is impacted ear wax).

Our compliance checked and highly qualified team members will visit your home at a time convenient for you to assess and remove your ear wax.

We will have experienced GPs who can  provide pre-bookable home visits for ear wax removal by the gold standard microsuction.
  • £90 per home visit for one or  both ears

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Worcester, Pershore, Evesham, Redditch and Malvern

North Cotswolds

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Client testimonial:

“My mother had great care and ear wax removal was done professionally. I would definitely recommend having this service and company.”

CASE STUDY (this is fictionalised but typical):

When poor hearing affects quality of life in an elderly gentleman living alone

Be prepared leaving hospital

We recently were called by the son of an elderly gentleman who lived alone and could not hear due to impacted ear wax. He wore hearing aids but when the audiologist visited to fit new ones this was not possible due to the wax.

The poor hearing impacted every aspect of the gentleman’s life:

  • His ability to answer the phone
  • His ability to join in on family occasions and speak to his grandchildren
  • His relationship with his children as they were unsure if he was hearing them or deliberately ignoring them!

We visited his home and successfully cleared many years of impacted hard wax using microsuction and olive oil drops. The result was immediate and his quality of life, ability to engage was much improved.

This is a typical story and Home Visit Healthcare’s mission is to  help people live longer, live better and stay independent.

Hearing is crucial for functional ability and quality of life.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you feel a relatives ears need clearing. It will help them.

We also provide private GP home visits if this is something you would be interested in for yourself or a relative, please click the link below:

*5 star reviews* Home Visiting Private GP covering Pershore, Evesham, North Cotswolds and Malvern

If required and with your consent we will email your NHS GP with our findings.

Customer Testimonial

“Dr Protherough came out to my 92 year old fathers home to clear his ears. She had to make several follow up calls to clear many years debris. She was very considerate and patient. I would definitely recommend and use again”

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